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Kalbarri National Park

western Australia - July 6, 2018

natures window, the loop trail

One of my favourite spots in the Kalbarri National Park was the well known Nature's Window. I got there just before sunrise which was about 6:30 am, waited until the sun came up got some pictures and thought that was that. I wasn't expecting much, simply just the picture you see. But since it was so early and the heat from the day hadn't caught up with me yet I decided to go for the 9km Loop Trail. They say give yourself 3-4hrs for this hike but it only took me 2hr30mins ish. This hike was beautiful! As you can see in the pictures above there are many other (I would say even better) photo spots than Nature's Window. I am quite fit, so all of this judgment of the difficulty of the hike will be simply how I felt about it. There weren't many hills more of a steady incline along the trail, there were loose rocks and sticks but overall it was a very comfortable walk. There is a point about halfway where you will find a sign saying that the rest of the hike is more difficult than the part you just came from. It says to turn back if you are not comfortable proceeding. There were some interesting spots like climbing on a rock ledge over the water but it was so much fun for me!


  • No caravan parking is allowed overnight within the National Parks


Price Range

  • Entrance fee into the park I think it was $15


In the area

  • Gas stations are rare

  • A lot of the roads are paved but some are not


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