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Monkey Mia

western Australia - July 8, 2018

feeding dolphins

All of these dolphins come here at their own free will. When the program first started out, the feeders were giving the dolphins as much fish as they wanted. What they didn't know at the time was that this was causing the mother dolphins to forget or simply not want to go back out into the ocean to feed their own young. Dolphins look at humans the same way we look at them, they think we are interesting and different. Some of the dolphins in this area even come here to "hang out" they don't even eat the fish they just want to stare at the funny looking humans! Once the researchers found that the mother dolphins were not feeding their young due to the high volume of food they got from humans they cut down the amount each dolphin was allowed. Now the feeders can recognize each individual dolphin that comes to know and they keep track of how much food each one gets to ensure that they will go back out and hunt for themselves and their young.

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