Copenhagen, Denmark - Goodbye Europe

June 11, 2017

Destination 1/9
Dates: June 9 - 11
Accommodations: Hotel Euroglobe

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Friday June 9
Our flight got into Copenhagen around 20:20. We took the metro to Forum and then walked about 5mins to Hotel Euroglobe where we were staying. By the time we got to our hostel and got sorted it was close to 10:30. We were told there were a bunch of places to eat around the corner. As we wondered down the street in the pouring rain we quickly noticed that nothing was open past 22:00..... The only place we were able to find would still feed us was a kebab spot. We had burgers with coke and chocolate milk, it hit the spot and tied us over until the morning.

Saturday June 10
Started our morning with a walk to Nyhavn, a 17th-century waterfront canal. On the way we were handed some free Nescafe drinks, hesitantly I took 2 (he he he). We arrived at Nyhavn took our pictures and then hopped on the Grand Tour Of Copenhagen boat tour! It was an hour long, 80dkk each and our wonderful tour guide was Jonathan. 

Once the boat tour finished we walked about 20mins to the see the famous Little Mermaid.  

As lunch has more of the local dishes we made our way back to Nyhavn and had lunch at Cap Horn and got the Lunch Plate which gave us a lovely selection of local lunch dishes which Denmark is known for.