Istanbul, Turkey - Goodbye Europe

June 21, 2017

Destination 5/9
June 18 - 21
Where we stayed: Azre Hotel

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Sunday June 18
Our flight got into Istanbul around 8:00pm, one thing we were not told was that before the passport control there was a mandatory €50 (for Canadians) visa fee. You could get the visa just around the corner from the passport control and there were atm's right there as well but it was still an unexpected cost. It was late and pouring rain so we decided to get a taxi, turns out the airport we had flown into (Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, SAW) was about a 45 min drive from our hotel. We had no other way to get there so we sucked it up and did it. It costs about $50 CAD but it got us there safe and sound with no hiccups. Except for our old man taxi driver having to stop and ask another taxi driver for directions to our hotel which was more cute then a problem.


It was about 10pm and we just couldn't hold off until the morning so we walked just up the street to find somewhere to eat. We came across this awesome Turkish resturant Asmali Saki Meyhanesi. They were so sweet and the food was amazing!

(Excuse the iPhone pics of food, wasn't expecting such a great meal!)


Monday June 19
We had breaky at Noir Pit joined by our lovely feline friends.

Today we headed across the river and made our first stop at Topkapi Palace.


From there we walked along and passed by some shops.

And we also saw all these stray dogs having naps.... all at the same time. It was kinda weird. The locals are so kind to the cats here (and seem to tolerate the dogs). They leave out food and water for them and we saw many many locals go over a pet them and show them love.

But some weren't napping at all.