Marsaxlokk, Malta - Goodbye Europe

June 27, 2017

Destination 7/9

June 24 - 27
Where we stayed: Holiday Apartment Marsaxlokk

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Saturday June 24
Took the bus from the airport to our apartment, the bus stop was just up the street so it was perfect. Our apartment was exactly what we were hoping for! Kitchen, AC, bathroom, balcony the works! After settling in we treated ourselves to a nice dinner on the bay at Terrone. Expensive but good. 

Sunday June 25
Gotta love a fish market Sunday! Along with the fish there were also stands with anything else you could think of from clothes to olives. We only brought what we absolutely needed to since we heard the pickpockets were very talented. 

We tried to take the bus to Pretty Bay but the first bus didn't show up, the second one was 20mins late (this was over about 2hrs) so we just went to a local spot to dip in the water and allay in the sun a bit. We had pizza at the resturant and it was really good!

Monday June 26
Happy Birthday Zoe!!
Since we had 0 luck taking the bus and the taxi's were very expensive we decided to check out one of the water taxi stand we had seen yesterday. It was awesome! We paid €10 each and the gentle man brought us to St. Peter's Pool and then we agreed on a pick up time of 2:00pm. At St. Peter's Pool and adorable dog and his older gentleman owner came by. Seeing the dog so excited I knew something was up, I continued to watch as the owner put down the dog and the dog raced around the edge to the opposite side of the owner and as soon as they got directly across from each they both jumped off the little cliff into the water at the exact same time!! It was both adorable and very talented little pup! I wasn't able to capture this moment but I was able to get the next moment when they told side by side and jumped in together. The pup then swam over to the owner gave him a kiss and then swam to the edge.

(Video coming soon)