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Mara River Safari Hotel

Welcome to The Mara River Safari Hotel Bali!

After spending 4 solid months working my butt off it was time for the last stretch of my time in Australia. Before I started on my Western & Northern Australia road trip I wanted to have a nice little getaway. And when you are on the Western side of Australia, Indonesia is where you go! (When you are on the Eastern side of Australia the typical vacation spot is Fiji). So, I only had 2 weeks in Indonesia but I was determined to make the most of it.

Along with the amazing selection of animals located on the hotel side of the resort, there was just as much to see in the rest of the zoo! It was massive, seemed to just keep going and going including animals shows and feedings!​

One of the amazing perks of this hotel was the price included night safari ride with BBQ dinner! They held 3 a night and we all loaded into a caged standing area on the back of a pick-up truck. We were all then driven around the park stopping to see different animals and we were also given the opportunity to feed some of the animals! My favorite was the Lion and Tigers, the Lions came right up to the cage and the staff fed them through the bars. And the Tiger! Obviously has done this a lot but the trainers had the Tiger jump onto the top of the cage, while it was eating some yummy chunks of meat we were able to pet the underside of its belly. So cool!

Click HERE to see more pictures from my stay!!


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