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Moscow, Russia - Goodbye Europe

Destination 3/9 June 14 - 16 Where we stayed: Babushka Doll House Transportation ⭐️⭐️⭐️ General costs ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sights ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Accomodation ⭐️ Wednesday June 14 I had tried to check-in online several times the day before but it simply would not let me so we took the chance and went straight to the airport to check in there. We got to the airport around 12:00 and went to our check-in gate. In front of us there was a huge Russian family, I'm talking 13 people total including kids, parents and grandparents. We just stood there quietly trying to act normal while grandma starts crying and the kids are climbing all over the check in machinery. And so our Russian adventure begins! We made it though the security check in Berlin, the police officer carefully looked through everyones passport before letting them into the waiting room for the flight. Landing in Russia we went through normal passport control, they had us sign a piece of paper and off we went. I've had so many people tell me the dramatic story of security checks in Russia, from having your bags emptied to a private strip search..... people, yes Russia is slightly terrifying but get a grip. My experience travelling to was every bit the same as any other country. As long as you have all of your documents in order you have nothing to worry about. Standing in the airport looking at bus timings and train stops I thought I might as well ask how much a taxi would be. Sure enough it was $60 CAD straight to our hostel, SOLD! We already agreed that we would take public transport from the airport everywhere we go in exception of Moscow, Istanbul and Marrakesh. So we didn't feel guilty for not venturing out and temping our luck on a 1hr30min bus/train adventure. Maybe another time. Our taxi ride to our hostel was about 1hr15mins long, it was neat driving through the city and seeing the mixture of old and modern buildings. Thursday June 15 Our luck of no rain was not on our side today. This morning we walked to a nearby cafe for some breakfast and then from there pushed on through the rain for a 30min walk to the Red Square. There was something going on because the road was blocked off and there was a line of people who looked to be waiting for something or someone. Not wanting to be in the way we took our pictures of the St. Basil's Cathedral and carried on along the street.

We were now cold and wet so we stopped by the main mall to warm up. It had a beautiful interior and many beautiful shops including Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. We didn't stay long.

Walking past the Red Square we admired the buildings and tried to find some shelter to get our bearing and plan our next move.

We saw an entrance to an underground area so decided to give that a shot. Turns out it was an underground mall, Okhotny Ryad, which along with many more affordable stores, had the world clock fountain.

From the underground mall we were walking towards the metro when we saw a Russian Cuisine resturant called Old Tower. Having a few foods items still to check off our list we thought this would be the perfect time for dinner. We had stroganoff, mors (berry drink) and Russian pancakes.

The vodka and Mors!


Russian pancake (very similar to a crepe)

Full and happy we caught the metro and made many stops to admire the beautiful architecture!

One more short trip on the metro and we were a 10min walk from our hostel were we packed in prep for our early morning departure to the airport. Friday June 16 Get ready to experience a "wow that just happened" moment with us. Our morning was suppose to consist of getting in the taxi that the hostel lady booked for us, going to the airport. That's not what happened. At 6:15 I go to the front desk to ask if there was a ATM machine for me to take money out for the taxi, there was no one there. 6:20, 6:25, 6:30..... no one there. Since we wanted to leave at 6:30 once 6:40 came around we decided to get an uber. We get about half way to the airport when the uber guy puts on his 4-ways and starts slowing down in the middle of the highway. Zoe and I give each other a look that simply said "shit". Excuse the language but it was accurate. He starts trying to talk to us in Russian obviously we have absolutely no idea what is happening. Thanks to google translate he tells us to stand on the side of the highway and call a new taxi.... thank you buddy but no that won't work for us. We convinced him to hail a taxi for us. Finally someone shows up, not a taxi but just a random guy could of been another uber who knows! But we jumped in after agreeing to pay the new guy 1000rub (25 CAD). This was an older x-Russian mafia looking gentleman (but really, they all look like that) and thankfully he did take us to the airport with no more hiccups! I jumped out to take out the money to pay him while Zoe watched the stuff. We paid him and as politely as we could ran into the airport and got through security as quick as we could. But it doesn't end there. Because of our uber fiasco we missed our flight... desperately trying to get out of this country we go to the ticket office who says there isn't another flight until tomorrow morning. I don't believe you man behind the glass! So I turn to my trusty Skyscanner and find a same day flight from the same airport we are at (SVO) to Amsterdam for a hour and half layover and then from there to Bucharest getting in around 1:00am. It's gunna be a hefty $300 CAD but we will do it if it means getting out of here today! I am so happy we made this journey to Russia, it truly is a beautiful place. But I have to admit I won't be trying to get a summer home here. All for the experience!!

Check out our stay in Buch Bucharest, Romania!

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