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Athens, Greece - Goodbye Europe

Destination 6/9 June 21 - 24 Where we stayed: Artemision Hotel Transportation ⭐️⭐️⭐️ General costs ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sights ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Accommodation ✖️ Malliott Acadimias 77 Accommodation ⭐️ Artemision Hotel Wednesday June 21 We arrive in Athens around 6pm, we took the metro for a 40min ride into the centre. The place we originally booked, Malliott Acadimias 77, had sent us a PDF with instructions on where to pick up the keys the wifi password and just things about the apartment. This sounded awesome so we were very excited to stay in such a nice place. We go to the Mirto Hotel hotel to pick up the keys and then we went to the apartment about 20min walk away. We get there go up to the apartment and find that the door to our room was practically made of thick cardboard, there were cracks in the wall and the window lead into a super creepy tunnel that looked like the construction of the building..... we didn't stay long. I found a new place Artemision Hotel and we moved over there. It wasn't much better but it did have a balcony so we decided to stick it out there (and we really couldn't afford a new place). The shared shower was nedisgusting, with half the base broken. The sink in our room leaks, it is super noisy and the beds were not comfortable at all. Thankfully we planned a full day out and about tomorrow so we won't need to spend much time in the room. We nipped out around the corner for some dinner, I don't have many food-bucket list items but one of them is having Greek salad in Greece. And I made that happen the first night! It was a lovely little mood booster.

Thursday June 22 With our late and mentally exhausting evening we decided to make today our chill day and do all of our sight seeing tomorrow. We did a little shopping and then got our swim stuff and hopped on the hop-on hop-off bus (we got the Athens + Beach line for 48hr €25). The ride to the Glyfada Beach beach took a lot longer then we expected. It was about an hour and a half to get there. By the time we got to the beach we were hungry! So we grabbed a snack at the resturant and then jumped in the water.

Once the sun started going down we packed up our stuff and changed for dinner. We had dinner at the beach side resturant Balux Cafe Home Project It was very pretty and had a nice romantic setting but of course it was a bit pricey. I had a truffle burger and Zoe had a chicken burger, they were good but nothing crazy. We then ordered a brownie to share for dessert from a different waiter. 30mins go by and we flag down our original waiter who didn't get the message so we asked again for the brownie and continued to wait. It was busy I understand but after an hour of waiting and not being able to flag down our waitress we finally got a hold of her. When we asked if the brownie was on it's way she gave us a surprised look as she had forgotten to put in the order.... we asked for the cheque and left after that. It was late we were tired and took an uber back to our hotel which only took about 30mins.

Friday June 23 Sight seeing Day! Hopefully getting to the major sites there are to see in Athens we got on the hop-on hop-off bus and off we went. The first place we made it to was Monastiraki square.

Monastiraki square



Temple of Zeus Saturday June 24 We both agreed that to truly appreciate Greece you have to have more then 2 days in the city. Next time we will make sure to come for at least a week and definitely get to an island or 2! Come join us on a different island for our next destination, Malta!!

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